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Fragrance is an amazing thing - it can change your mood, relax you, even bring back long lost memories.  Our fragrances are curated from the finest oils available.  Pick a favorite - with so many to choose from, you are sure to find something you will fall in love with!

All of our soaps, salts, bath bombs, scrubs, and Body Frosting are available in your choice of any of the following:

Anjou Pear – This one is easy!  It smells exactly like a fresh pear, with just a teensy bit of floral mixed in.

Aqua Spa – This is definitely a “spa” scent – it is a blend of rose, lily, orange, lime and ozone.  It is not heavily fruity or floral, just the right combination. 

Apple Cinnamon - An enticing blend of  Macintosh apple, cinnamon, allspice and clove bud.  

Applejack Peel – Apples, Apples, Apples!

Awapuhi Seaberry.  Hawai’i really does have all the best fragrances.   An awapuhi is a red ginger plant.  This fragrance combines bergamot, seaberries, geranium, jasmine, and fresh rose with a little bit of musk.  All around deliciousness.

Bamboo – There is no other fragrance quite like Bamboo.  It is fresh and rich, not quite floral and not quite woodsy. 

Bamboo Mint - Fresh bamboo, fresh mint, and a little bit of floral.

Banana Coconut – A tropical blend of ripe bananas and fresh coconut.

Barber Shop – A manly combination of sandalwood, musk and bergamot.

Bayberry - A traditional blend of bayberry, spice and clove.  

Berry Vanilla - A rich blend of wild blueberry, bergamot, blackberry, vanilla cream, raspberry sugar and buttermilk musk.

Black Currant Tea - A delicious blend of ripe berries, citron, tart black currant, mandarin, yuzu, thyme, and Indian and Ceylon teas.

Black Raspberry Vanilla – This is an excellent replica of the very famous chain bath product store’s fragrance of the same name.  It smells just like it sounds – black raspberry with just a hint of vanilla.

Blueberry – This smells just like fresh blueberries.

Brown Sugar – This combines spicy brown sugar with vanilla.  Be warned – you will want to eat whatever you order in this scent!  It works particularly well with salt and sugar scrubs.

California Coast - A blend of orange, lemon, white jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium and musk.  

Caribbean Seas - Orange, orange, and more orange. And a little bit of floral. 

Carolina Coast - The scent of salt water, freesia and cyclamen. 

Chai Tea – A spicy blend of cinnamon, fruits, and Indian and Ceylon teas.

Champagne Pear – Citrus, melon, pear and apple combine in this effervescent scent.

Cinnamon – This is a sharp scent, almost identical to cinnamon candies. 

Citrus – This fragrance combines notes of orange, grapefruit, pineapple and vanilla.   It is not really a fruity scent, thanks to the vanilla.  This is a good one for the men.

Coconut – Pure coconut, just like at the beach :)

Coconut Vanilla – A delightful blend of coconut enhanced with just a touch of vanilla.

Cranberry Sugar - One of our most favorite scents, this is a delicious blend of cranberries and plums.

Cranberry Yuzu – A delicious fusion of orange-y yuzu and delectable cranberry.

Cucumber – Exactly as it sounds – fresh, crisp cucumber

Drakkar Noir Type - A masculine combination of lavender, spice, citrus and cedarwood. 

Eucalyptus – This is a light, delightful fragrance.  It smells just like freshly cut eucalyptus leaves.  This is a great alternative for those who are not fans of floral or fruity fragrances.

Fluffy Pink Candy - A perennial favorite, this scent wonderfully blends bubblegum, cotton candy, juicy apples and pears with lemon and vanilla. 

Folly Beach - A fresh ocean scent with notes of sea spray, florals, and musk.

French Vanilla Pear - A blend of vanilla cream, sugar cane, and juicy bartlett pear. 

Fresh Cut Roses – The iconic scent of fresh, red roses.

Fresh Peach – Just like it sounds, this is a true peach scent.

Fruit Fusion – Cranberries, grapes, lemon, pink grapefruit, strawberries, and pomegranate with nuances of apple blossoms and heliotrope.

Goji Berry – a Sweet berry blend of blackberry, goji berry, loganberry and gooseberry with accents of valencia orange, vanilla cream and sugar musk

Green Tea - Very similar to the perfume bearing the same name, this is a refreshingly light blend of green tea, pink grapefruit, lemon tea, oakmoss and musk.

Honey & Shea – This is a blend of honey, fresh green shea butter, and musk.  It is very popular in bath bombs and fizzies, probably because it puts you in the mood to unwind.

Irish Tweed – Another one for the gentlemen!   This is very similar to Creed’s Green Irish Tweed, a combination of lemon verbena, iris, violet, sandalwood and amber.

Key Largo - We put the lime in the coconut for an amazing summer fragrance.

Lavender Vanilla – One of our best selling fragrances.  An absolutely delightful combination of fresh lavender and vanilla beans.

Lemon Zest – This is one that smells just as it sounds – like a freshly sliced lemon.  Lemon is an excellent odor remover.

Lemongrass Sage - A traditional favorite, for good reason.  A crisp combination of lemongrass and blue sage.

LimoncelloSparkling notes of lime and sweet orange infused with florals.

Lotus Blossom – Pure lotus blossom – light floral, slightly powdering, and very upscale.

Magnolia - The lush fragrance of the Magnolia blossom is a southern favorite, for good reason.   Our Magnolia fragrance captures the essence of the delicate flower. 

Massage in a Bottle -  This is a blend of fragrance oils and essential oils, containing eucalyptus, orange, rosemary and peppermint oils.  We are not going to lie, it is not our best smelling product, but this combination is recognized for easing sore muscles and other aches and pains.

Maui Shores - If only every day could be spent in Hawaii!  A calming blend of fresh ozone, purified water, and lily. 

Mayan Gold - This is an enchanting fragrance that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.   It is a balanced blend of  sandalwood, patchouli, clary sage, vetiver, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, neroli, vanilla, chocolate and musk.

Mediterranean Fig - This may honestly be the best thing we have ever smelled.  An unexpected blend of fig, amber, sandalwood and fresh lemon.

Mediterranean Seas – Ladies, believe us when we say you will want your man to smell like this.  Gentlemen, trust us on this one.   We use this fragrance exclusively in our shaving products.  It is an incredibly sexy combination of lemon, bergamot, olive, musk and vanilla. 

Moon Shade -  A blend of teas, night jasmine, and sandalwood.

Moroccan Mint – A fusion of Moroccan mint, cucumber, clementine, and light florals.

Moroccan Sand – An unexpected combination of carnation, sandalwood and musk.

Northern Lights - Exactly what the northern lights are made of - fresh air, coconut milk and soft cotton.

Ocean Breeze - Salty marine notes and fresh rain mix with lily of the valley, jasmine, leafy greens, pine and musk.  It really does smell like ocean air.

Orange Cream Vanilla - Juicy orange blended with vanilla bean and sugar.  Just like an orange creamsicle!

Passionfruit Pineapple – A personal favorite, this truly tropical fragrance blends passionfruit, pineapple and guava.

Pearberry - A fruity fresh fragrance with notes of pear, raspberries, strawberries, and gooseberries, with a slight musk undertone. 

Peppermint – Pure peppermint, and absolutely delightful.

Pineapple Punch - Pineapple infused with coconut milk, peach and pink guava.

Rainforest - This sophisticated fragrance has the aroma of sweet citrus, blooming jasmine, and blond woods.

Raspberry - Pure raspberry, and nothing else.

Raspberry Beret - Mostly raspberry, with a little bit of strawberry and clementine.

Raspberry Wine – An intoxicating blend of fresh raspberries and cabernet sauvignon.

Red Kiwi - A tropical blend of strawberries, watermelon and kiwi.

Sea Glass - A refreshing blend of sea water, fresh air, sparkling citrus and soft woods.

Seaside Escape - A summery blend of water lily, apple blossom, sandalwood and bergamot.

Sex on the Beach – An innocent blend of pineapple, grapefruit and orange.  What were you thinking?

Spring Rain - A fresh bouquet of carnations, tiger lilies, alyssum, orchids, and roses, with hints of fresh greenery.  Just lovely.

Strawberry – Yep, just like it sounds.

Strawberry Banana - This fragrance presents just like it sounds, with added notes of sweet grapefruit, mandarin orange, kiwi, coconut cream, pink raspberries, and apples.

Sugar Cane - An unexpected blend of lime, sugar cane, and vanilla orchid.

Tobacco Bay Leaf – A masculine blend of bay leaf, pine, cedarwood, and tobacco.

Tropical Escape - A yummy mix of mango, coconut and pineapple.

Vanilla - Neither bland nor boring, this traditional vanilla is guaranteed to make you hungry.  

Watermelon – A single note watermelon.  What more do you need?

White Tea & Ginger - This is a complex blend of bergamot, lemon peels, green day lilies, ginger, nutmeg, musk, hyacinth, freesia and peony.

Winter Cold – Menthol and eucalyptus, just like Vicks.

Wisteria - Wisteria with just a touch of jasmine.

Yuzu - A crisp, delicious citrus identical to the east Asian fruit.

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