Charlie's Organic CoCo Paws Balm

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Calm your baby's dry paws with pure coconut oil!   The benefits of coconut oil to dogs have been widely reported lately, and for good reason.  Just like your skin, dog paws can become cracked and dry.  Coconut oil will help heal dry skin, and the best part is that it is completely edible, so no worries about Fido licking the balm.  It also helps with other skin conditions, such as dry noses.  For a great article discussing the benefits of coconut oil for dogs, click here.

This oil is solid at temperatures below 76 degrees.  This means that at normal room temperature, you will apply this as a solid, and it will melt on contact with your dog's skin.

Net Wt. 4 ounces.

Ingredients: 100% organic coconut oil.



Charlie was born in West Virginia, most likely in a puppy mill.  He spent most of his first two years confined to a crate before being dumped at a dog pound.  Luckily, the pound contacted Sheltie rescue, and thanks to some wonderful volunteers, Charlie found his forever home almost immediately.

We suspect that Charlie was born in a puppy mill because of his well-over-breed-standard size and his hyperactive personality.   When he first came to live with us, he was a bundle of nerves, always moving and always into something.  He chewed indiscriminately - shoes, car keys, 220 volt live electrical lines - anything he could sink his teeth into.  He was constant motion - we had him for well over a year before we saw him sleep!

That was in 2004, and Charlie has come a long way since then.  Now the "grandpa" of our brood, he remains active and energetic, but appropriately so.  He is sweet, lovable, and most importantly, happy!

Happy endings are possible for dogs like Charlie because of the remarkable, and often unappreciated, work done by countless of unsung heroes who volunteer their time to countless animal rescue organizations across the country.  In honor of Charlie, and out of neverending gratitute for its part in bringing him into our life, we will donate $1 from the sale of every jar of Charlie's CoCo Paws to the Northeast Ohio Sheltie Rescue

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